Freedom of choice

Freedom is a major European value, and we believe that any motorist should be offered the possibility to purchase his new car, and to have it maintained and repaired at the professional of his choice, within a multibrand automotive environment, as promoted by the EU.

Cost effectiveness

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is motorist first buying criteria, far ahead of the brand criteria.

DELTA technology-induced cost-effectiveness helps automotive professionals to perfectly meet European motorists decreasing transportation budget and willingness to find the best possible deal for their car acquisition and maintenance.


A car represents a major investment for a household. DELTA therefore delivers excellence at multiple levels, such as:

  • car descriptions accuracy
  • price transparency
  • car sourcing reliability and legal compliance
  • commercial documentation
  • transaction execution and logistics

Local commerce

Internet is gaining importance as an information and comparison tool, but motorists appreciate dealing with professionals they can trust for acquiring, selling, repairing and maintaining their cars.

All the more if they are located around the corner, with the best possible offerings and deals.