“New car” solution

for garages

New car catalogue

DELTA new car catalogue is:

  • multibrand, as it includes most car manufacturers current product offerings
  • complete, as it covers most of manufacturer’s models and versions
  • comprehensive, as full descriptions and specs are provided for each car
  • multilingual, as users access the catalogue in their own language
  • consistent, as car descriptions are specs share the same format across all brands
  • accurate, as information provided strictly reflects cars’ real specs
  • up to date, as prices and availability info are updated daily

DELTA new car catalogue powers the DeltaOnline™ DMS and car configurator.

Transaction processing

DELTA carries out the mandate and manages the new car supply and selling chains, from suppliers to the garage and the final customer buying the new car.

All delivered new cars are fully localized, in the appropriate language, including onboard electronics settings and the supply of a user manual.

DELTA complete order transaction processing services provide garages multiple benefits:

  • a unique contact for the entire new car order processing
  • valuable time saving
  • a guaranteed service level regardless car brand or model


DELTA has established a close and fully integrated partnership with automotive logistics leader Gefco.

All new cars are directly delivered by DELTA to the garage using very efficient, high quality and cost efficient logistics.

DELTA ensures quality standards similar to those of car makers on deliveries, and performs a PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) of each vehicle on a hub before final delivery to the garage.

Sales support

Every DELTA garage customer has a dedicated account manager, offering personalized service, and always available for any question and ready to provide all required pre-sales, sales and after-sales support.

If the garage is a newcomer in the new car business, then his DELTA counterpart will take care of his training and ensure his best possible start in this activity.

The driving force behind this state of the art account management is DELTA willingness to establish long term commercial relationship with its garage customers.

Financial solution

DELTA provides adequate B2B car payment solutions that relief pressure on garages’ working capital.

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